Things On Mens Mind

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I am just out on the first date with a guy called Phil. We met late on night after I had finished my London escorts shift and felt like popping into a pub for a drink. I had a long day at London escorts and I was in need of some liquid refreshment. As I sat down on a bar stool, Philip immediately came up and said that I looked tired. He offered me a gin and tonic or a hot coco. I thought it as rather a sweet chat up line, and we started to talk.

Is Phil as sweet as he seems? I really don’t know as yet, but I did like him right away. Tonight I have actually taken off from London escorts. We have been really busy recently and I felt that I needed some time out from London escorts. Instead of Phil sitting across from me at the table, he is sitting next to me. I am not sure why, perhaps he would like to sneak a peak of my cleavage when I am not looking. Maybe he is not so different after all.

Have I told him about charlotte London escorts? No, I haven’t. I know exactly what would happen if I told him that I work for the London escorts service which is charlotte London escorts, his eyes would just light up. It does not matter what you say, men think about sex all of the time, and most men probably think about sex on the first date with a girl. They simply can’t help it, It is just the way they are programmed and they can’t help it.

Men often think about sex without meaning to do so. Their minds seem to have this ability to drift of and recall past girlfriends and instantly compare them to you. Do you have bigger tits than her, and do your nipples stick through your blouse? That is exactly what men think about and I am pretty sure the men I meet at London escorts think about exactly the same things as ordinary guys.

Do you actually want to look into a man’s head? I am not sure that you do. Sure, I get curious sometimes, but from having worked at London escorts for about three years, I know that most men are very much the same. Do they have sex on the brain? Yes girls it is true. Men do have sex on the brain, and you are never going to get away from that. It does not matter if you are a rocket scientists or work for London escorts, they are going to see you as a sex object. Just take Trump, he certainly seems to have sex on the brain. When he is not thinking about sex, he is probably thinking about food. Yes, that is how men work and it makes you realise why your personal caveman at home, finds the washing machine such as mystery. It is as simply as that and I don’t think that it is ever going to change.

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