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My husband and I always wanted to visit Cancun, Mexico. In the end we managed to save up enough money for a holiday in this little bit of a paradise. Little did I know that I was going to be grateful for the overpriced holiday insurance I had taken out as sharks almost killed my husband?
It was a lovely day in Cancun and my husband decided to try paddle boarding. In the end he got tired and laid down to paddle back to the shore. He let his feet flop in the water and paddled with his hands. After a few minutes he felt a bump on the board, this was the shark’s first. A few minutes later he was tugged down into the water by his right leg. The life guard on the beach saw this and jumped on his jet ski.
He managed to pull my husband to safety but our romantic holiday ended a day later when he was flown home in any air ambulance at London.
Can you stay safe from sharks when visiting exotic locations? Most people from Eve London escorts presume that it is safe to go it the water anywhere but it is not. In many places around the world, sharks live close by us and sometimes we do things that “confuse” them it turns out. We play in the in the water using surf boards, paddle boards and jet skis. Most of the time we are perfectly safe but on occasion we do some silly things. There are, however, some things you can do to stay safe in the water.
The most important thing you must do is to listen to any warnings from professional personal such as life guards and dive master. Divers are sometimes attacked by sharks but most of the time it is people playing on the water. So, what is going on here? What makes a person on a surf board so interesting to a shark?
There are various school of thought, but it is believed it is often a case of mistaken identity. A person laying on a surf board or paddle board paddling may look very similar to a seal in the eyes of a shark. The shark sees a main body the board and four extremities in the water. The look at the unfamiliar object and give it a prod. Unbeknown to us we release scent trails in to the water and the shark can smell flesh. They immediately presume that the object in the water is food and goes after it. This what many shark experts believe cause shark accidents?
Ladies having their period should not go in the water unless it is very shallow. A shark can pick up the scent of microbial blood drops in the water and can attack. It will see an object swimming, smell blood and confirm its target as prey. In a few minutes it will start an attack. Many women who have been injured, or killed, had their period at the time of going in the water.
The best advice always comes from life guard, or other people who have experienced of sharks. Don’t laugh it off, listen and take note. This could save yours and your family’s life next time you go on holiday and consider a swim in shark infested water.
I have been a water baby all my life and always enjoyed water sports. When I was in my teens, I used to board surf and the ultimate destination was Hawaii. The island of Maui is a real surfer’s paradise and it gives you an opportunity to do something very unique- surfing with sharks. My friend was studying marine biology and she had heard of this event. She could not surf herself but finally talked me into going surfing with the sharks on Maui. It was the experience of my life. Sabine, my friend, was going to be in charge of the camera and I was going to do the surfing.

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