I am not sure that I can cope anymore.

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At the moment it seems that I am doing everything for my boyfriend and that he is incapable of doing anything for himself. When we first got together, I knew that my boyfriend was dyslexic and would need some support. However, like I say to my friends at London escorts, it seems that he has been dependent on his mother for everything and now he has transferred that liability to me. That is not very easy when you work for London escorts.


In many ways I feel that I am being taken advantage of. As soon as I come home from London escorts, I need to do something that has not been done. It does not matter if it is cooking the dinner or hovering the sofa. He does not do anything and I have to admit that it rather annoys me know. I wish that I could leave him, but I think that it would make me feel guilty at the same time. My friends at London escorts say that I have taken in too much, and I think that is true. I feel like his housewife or his cheap whore.


The other day he had hurt himself playing football after work. When I came home from London escorts, he was sitting on the sofa complaining about how much he was in pain. I asked him if he had taken a painkiller, but he said that he did not know where to find. He knows that everything is kept in the medicine cabinet. It was just like he was not bothered to help himself. I told him that I had a really long day at London escorts, and that he needed to make an effort. He was a bit taken back.


Before I started to date my boyfriend, I had loads of fun with my friends from London escorts agency. Now my entire life seems to revolve around my boyfriend and that is not right somehow. When I am not putting the washing on, I am doing the ironing or cleaning up after him. He has somehow managed to move in, and I cannot remember to agreeing to that. My boss at London escorts says that he would help me to kick him out, and I think that it might have to come to that. I am not sure that I can handle this situation on my own.


I hate feeling like this, and it is a little bit like I have lost my mojo. He was such a nice guy when we first met, but now I think that he only put on act to worm himself into my life. It could be that he has genuine problems, but I also think that he is very lazy. It is not fair that one person should have to carry everything and do everything in the relationship. His mom treats him like a baby, and I think that he has transferred his mummy obsession on to me. Some of the girls at London escorts do not believe that I have got myself involved with this guy, and to be honest, neither can I.

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