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I never thought that my husband can do it to me; I marry him because I fully trust him and love him so much. We’ve been ten years together as husband and wife, and just recently we are annulled. It’s very painful that my children’s won’t have the perfect and complete family at all, but I am trying my best to give them my entire love. I am also thankful to my Chelsea escort family who helps me in this crisis of my life. They had given me a chance to work again as Chelsea escort from after long years. It’s an always been my passion to become a Chelsea escort, I was too young to enter this kind of career. I have no problem with it as being a Chelsea escort gave me good salary and help my family. I met my husband as one of my client. Entirely I was really attractive to him since he is a good looking man plus him really goods in making me fall in love with him both in actions and words. Roland is a great man; he has a good career and keeps coming back to Chelsea since he has a business here. Every time Roland came to Chelsea he always book a Chelsea escort and that was me. I have no boyfriend ever since I am reserving myself to someone who can be my husband. And of course I am not fond of changing man in my lives. I have goals in life and focus on it. Roland starts to show his motives towards me, like I was really in shock why he keeps doing it. I thought it was for nothing, sending me flowers and chocolates at my work. Roland keep on calling me, telling me how his days and asked me too for mine. Well it was great being with Roland. I feel love and care from him. One time he told me his feelings over me. I don’t know what to say but he told me he is not in rush. Since I am falling to him I give Roland a chance. He has done his best and gives him my yes. We had a good relationship together; he is sweet and kind to me the whole time. One time he conspire with my co Chelsea escort to plan a proposal to me. It was one of the magical days of my life, and said yes again. Roland asked me to stop working as Chelsea escort as we are having a family now. I follow him and give up being a Chelsea escort. We had four kids. I noticed some changes to my husband years passed by, he used coming home drunk and beat me up. He starts to treat me poorly and our children’s. I made up my mind to leave my husband as he is not treating us well. I know it would be a hard start but I can do it for my children’s. I asked help to my co Chelsea escorts before if I can still work and then the agency have me a chance.

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