Is Casual Sex Wrong?

When my mum was young, she says that no one thought twice about having casual sex. These days, things are very different, and we often worry about casual sex. You can certainly pick up a lot of illnesses from having casual sex, but I cannot see what is wrong with casual sex if you take […]

How much can you earn a sex expert

Okay, I have been working with London escorts for three years now, and there are days when I feel that I need to do something different. I still love my job with London escorts, but it is the night shift that is beginning to get to me. Most of the girls here at London escorts […]

Anal Sex: What You Should Know

Although many of us believe that anal sex is a taboo that should be avoided at all costs, it can actually be an extremely satisfying sexual act that provides great pleasure for both partners. For those of you that are unsure of exactly what anal sex is all about the following information will guide you […]